Special thanks to Paul Savidge and Dan Macey for their inspiring fundraising efforts…

Photo of Hosts Dan Macey and Paul Savidge

Hosts Dan Macey and Paul Savidge

Paul Savidge is the Regional Coordinator for the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) Eastern Pennsylvania Region. His husband Dan Macey is a professional food stylist and food historian. Together, they recently hosted a fundraising night to remember on behalf of the Jane Austen’s Great House campaign.

Photo of set table with candles

Guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner by soft candlelight

Photo of menu

Professional food stylist and food historian Dan Macey prepared a delightful menu

The Regency Era Benefit Dinner included such culinary delights as white soup with pomegranates, ‘a good tansy’ with cheddar cheese, and syllabub. The food was prepared by Dan Macey, using recipes adapted from Dining With Jane Austen, by Julienne Gehrer and the Knight Family Cookbook

Guests were treated to a harp recital before enjoying a sumptuous dinner by candlelight.

All who attended were also given a bottle of homemade Captain Charles Austen’s Fish Sauce.

Chawton House Library would like to thank all of the attendees who gave so generously on the night. We would also like to give particular thanks to Paul and Dan for their inspiring fundraising efforts, creating what must have been a truly magical evening on behalf of Jane Austen’s Great House!

We are including the full menu for the evening below. Perhaps if you are inspired by Paul and Dan’s efforts, you might like to organise a fundraising supper of your own!

Jane Austen Society of North America – Eastern Pennsylvanian Region
Benefit for Chawton House Library

A Grand Regency Era Dinner

Harp Recital Fare

Orange Wine
English Souse with Tunbridge Biscuits


White Soup with Pomegranates
“A Good Tansy” with English Cheddar Cheese
“Fricasy” of Chicken and Mushrooms
Haricot of Mutton Chops with Cannelinni Beans
Carrot Pudding
“A Curry after the Indian Manner”
Pickled Melons


New College Pudding with Fruit