Our American friends show their philanthropic spirit with their generous support of Chawton House

Thank you to all JASNA regions

The Jane Austen Society of North America have responded with alacrity to our #BrickbyBrick fundraising campaign, wanting to preserve Jane’s ‘Great House’ in a seemingly tangible way. Chawton House has lately received generous donations from both the Vancouver and South Oregon Regions of JASNA, who bought a ‘row of bricks’ apiece. The North Carolina Region of JASNA, went further and bought four ‘rows of bricks’! The Wisconsin Region of JASNA wished to pay tribute to one of their members, who sadly passed away, by buying a brick in her name. Joan Roob’s name has now been added to our virtual wall of bricks, alongside the other JASNA chapters.

Spot the JASNA chapters on our virtual wall

Our new President of North American Friends of Chawton House (NAFCH) pays us a visit

Last week Chawton House welcomed two notable Texan residents for a visit and accordingly flew the Texas State flag to mark the occasion! Standing on the left in the photo below is Sandra Clark, a collector who has donated many books to us in the past, including the Bentley edition of Jane Austen’s complete works, containing the bookplate of Montagu George Knight (1844-1914). On the right is Janine Barchas, Professor at the University of Texas, and now President of the North American Friends of Chawton House.

Our new NAFCH President, Janine Barchas and Sandra Clark outside Chawton House flying the Texan flag

American support is gratefully received

The campaign to save #JanesGreatHouse began with a welcome pledge from acclaimed author Edward Rutherfurd, who generously donated $10,000. Susan Forgue recently bought an entire ‘wall of bricks’ with her very kind donation of $3500. The support of both JASNA regions and these generous individuals is wonderful news indeed, and helps bring Chawton House one step closer to self-sustainability.

For any of our American supporters planning on crossing the water in the future, there will be a warm Chawton welcome waiting for them if they do get an opportunity to visit the ‘Great House’ on a trip to the UK.