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elp us to save Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’ one brick at a time by supporting our #BrickbyBrick campaign. For just £25 ($40), you can ‘buy a brick’, and add your name to the wall below, as well as receiving a beautiful certificate commemorating your contribution. You might even like to buy a row of bricks for £100 ($150), or an entire wall for £2,500 ($3,500). All donations of £100 ($150) or more will also be acknowledged in a special architect’s drawing which will be kept at the house in perpetuity.

Orders received after 12pm GMT on Tuesday 19 December will be processed in the first week of January 2018.

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Buy a Brick (UK and Rest of the World)
Buy a Brick (North America)

Please note: virtual rows and walls are symbolised in the ‘virtual wall’ by different coloured bricks (blue for a row of bricks and pink for a wall of bricks), and all certificates say that the donor / gift recipient has bought a brick (even if they donated at the higher level). This is to make the programme easier and more cost-effective to administer. All donors of £100 / $150 or more are recorded in our database as such and will be recognised in the special architect’s drawing which will be commissioned later next year and kept here in perpetuity.

Maggie Thirlway
Ms Janet S Johnson
Ms Madison Barchas
Rachel Semlyn
Maia John
Prof Jocelyn Harris
Gavin Solomons
Dr Ann Jagoe
Mary-Denise Smith
Prof Linda Troost
Barbara Phillips
Mary Gaither Marshall
Anne McM Roberts
Prof Sayre Greenfield
Christina Boyd
Carol Knight
Jeremy Knight
Richard Knight
Katherine L.Montwieler
A & M Bone
Prof Rick Kaplan
Dr Laurie Kaplan
Caroline Knight
Tessa Bartlett
Audrey Sollenberger
Annette Blackman
Dr Katie Isbester
Katherine Newman
L Ansdell
Prof Jocelyn Harris
Allison Thompson
Prof Roxanne Eberle
John Joyce
Kay Wolfe
Elizabeth Ann West
Maria G Williamson
Dr Usha Vishnuvajjala
Yvonne Ingalls
Karen M Cox
Mrs J Dawn King
Dr Claire Post
Prof LJ Brooks
Jeanmarie Malherbe
Laura Stokowski
Beth Parker
Elizabeth Collar
Dr Catherine Keohane
Jacqueline Sport
Patricia Foulk
Dana Colvin
Amy Kenyon
Elaine Jeremiah
Elizabeth Coulson
Bob & Claire Bellanti
Annie Criswell
Cristina Valeri
Alexandra Valeri
Janice Parker-Gidman
Marsha Huff
Dr Elisabeth Lenckos
Prof Joan Ray
Susan Gates
John Isherwood
U & J Koolmann
Eva-Maria Braungart
Donna Fincher
Martine Jane Roberts
Hazel Jones
Maggie Lane
Dr Sheryl Craig
Dr Linda Bree
E Jenkins-Joffe
Joan Walton
Celine Kear
Christina Staib
Margaret Chittick
Barbara Henry
Dr Sally Osborn
Douglas Thow
Jacqueline Gazzard
Jacqueline Gazzard
Lord John Selbourne
Olive Drakes
Diana Shand
Vivian Branson
Laura Bowling
Jane Furness
Jan Ashe
Martha Lemke
Paul Savidge
Dr Meg Case
Elaine Jeremiah
Robert Markely
Sarah Emsley
Cathy Blake
Cailey Hall
Elizabeth Pavelka
Elizabeth Weybright
Lesley Wallingford
Anita Goss
Carol&David Graves
Maria Saenz-Pena
Dr Cecily O’Neill
Lady Chesham
Doreen Binks
Andrea Tankersley
Bobbie Gay
Soniah Kamal
Kara Watson
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Judge Susan Jelen
Deborah  Yaffe
Jennifer A.Thompson
Zoe Kay
Jill Chapman
Susan Durst
Christian Fitzhugh
Laura Purcell
Laura Purcell
Jane Ellen
Jane Maxwell
Rebecca McKay
Morag Charlwood
Dr Lynda Hall
Betty Zausner
Jeremiah Favara
Robin Nichols
Diana Oaks
Michaela Clancy
Annette Clancy
Fiona Woodifield
Alison Daniell
Fiona Sunley
Katie Wilson
Dukes Dancers
Helene Dansereau
Elizabeth Mattson
Olivia Klassen
Andrew Elliott
Jan Ashton
JASNA San Diego
Peggy Baggaley
Michelle Bell Coates
Wendy Jones
Liz P Cooper
Gisele Rankin
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Lady Stringer
Gwenneth Partridge
Sue Eagle
Mary O’Sullivan
Jean T Long
Bonny Wise
Erika Hanson
Sue Scott
Bingley’s Teas
Alana Gillett
Karen Gevirtz
Shawn Cailey Hall
Prof Lisa Vargo
Taylor Walle
Dr Kay Heath
Laughing With Lizzie
Dr Peggy Elliott
Pamela Davison
Dr Randi Pahlau
Lise Gaston
Christine Stewart
Shara Terjung
Joy Refuerzo Prevost
Brenda Martin
Sidney McBride
Nancy Matarese
Beverly Drucker
Valerie Moss
Nichole Christoph
George Spencer
Heidi Playford
Emma Langan
Diana Thomson
Sophie Lehmann
Iris Lutz
Annette LeClair
Ron&Caroline Ingerson
Deborah Barnum
Susan Hine
Virginia Ewald
Karyn Andriesen
Cara Elrod
Erna Arnesen
Janet Abell
In Honor of  S.Lerner
Elyse Ashton
Sara Ritchie
Linda Dennery
Emily Weikert Bryant
Lissa Dobrusky
Phillip Trey Coates
Janell Feller
John Williams
Keith Hodgson
Alison Hatt
Ellen Masterson